May 23, 2018
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The Organizers and Conductors assigned to the seven AYO orchestras are to be notified in advance via e-mail in the event of an illness, family/personal emergency, or unavoidable conflict that will prevent a student from attending a rehearsal and/or performance. If the absence/tardy is a last-minute unexpected circumstance, you must notify the Organizers and Conductors via e-mail. Contact information for the Organizers and Conductors is indicated in the contact list below. 
Ana Maria Solís-Herrera

Fidencio Solís
Laurie Scott
Prelude Conductor

Yvonne Davila
Concertante Conductor
Corey Spratlan
Intermezzo Conductor   

Rachel Ringeisen
Camerata Conductor 

Elizabeth Compton
Sinfonietta Conductor 

Anna Macias
Philharmonic Conductor 

"Bill" William Dick
AYO Symphony Conductor 

Garth Gundersen
Woodwind/Brass Specialist 

Arnie Yáñez
Percussion Specialist